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Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services


Water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, including consideration for local conditions, is part of Arazoza Brothers water management and irrigation services which directly impacts water usage. With our state-wide footprint, we draw on data from South Florida to Jacksonville.

Commercial Irrigation Installation

  • New System Installations
  • Pump Stations / Wells
  • Retrofit System Upgrades
  • Water Sustainable Systems
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Knowledgeable Certified Irrigation Technicians
  • Team of Licensed Professionals
  • Permitting

Irrigation Maintenance

As one of Florida’s leading irrigation companies, Arazoza Brothers is staffed by a team of fully licensed and insured professionals trained in the industry’s latest Irrigation Maintenance practices. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in stopping problems before they arise, preventing malfunctions, and keeping your lawn lush, healthy, and green.

  • Inspecting wires on all controller and valves
  • Updating controller settings, times, and dates
  • Replacing back up batteries if needed
  • Cleaning nozzles
  • Straightening sprinkler heads
  • Cleaning filters on reclaimed and well water systems
  • Inspecting for leaks, broken pipes, and any areas that may cause high water bills
  • Checking backflow device


The effective use of smart irrigation technology and system selection will significantly minimize water consumption, as well as reduce the irrigation system installation costs. In addition to conserving water, proper irrigation will encourage deeper root growth and healthier, more robust, weather tolerant landscapes.