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Florida’s climate provides an ideal environment for plants native to other tropical areas of the world. These exotic plants invade hardwood hammocks, pinelands, and wetland ecosystems, destroying the plant and animal biodiversity that makes Florida unique.

Native plant communities evolve with a complex relationship of natural controls that keep them in balance. These include environmental restraints, diseases, insects, herbivores and species competition. Invasive exotic plants lack these natural control mechanisms, thus allowing rapid expansion and destroying valuable natural lands.

We have dedicated crews to manage invasive plants, using proven methods of hand removal, girdling, mowing, basal bark treatments, herbicide treatment, and follow-up. Through our work on private lakes, wetlands, uplands and preserves, our environmental division has proven its ability to lead the movement to bequeath a healthy and natural environment to future generations

Protect the economic and historical value of landmark trees on your property with the help of our certified arborists. Damage to the roots, trunk or crown will cause stress and potential decline in trees, in some cases taking years to become apparent. Proactive preservation is necessary to prevent damage such as small leaf syndrome or the invasion of fungi, insects and diseases.

Long-term survival and stability of important trees requires expert knowledge from planning, design, grading, and construction to ongoing landscape maintenance. Our innovative tree care specialists will work alongside your landscape architect and engineering firm to identify which trees should be preserved and which are suited for relocation.

Proactive pruning and tree trimming of your tree canopies dramatically reduces the risk of damage and is far less expensive than tree removal costs, or the expense and inconvenience of an emergency situation. Arazoza Brother’s arborist tree trimming expertise will help you plan. If an emergency should arise, our landscaping crew is well equipped to respond swiftly with our local teams and national resources. With a 24/7 infrastructure, we’re able to quickly assess property damage and provide timely cleanup.

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