For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of landscape installation. We’ve built a reputation for excellence in landscape management by providing the best in technical care, maintenance, and customer service.

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Landscape design must be approached with strategic planning and careful consideration given to the topography of your site, the goals of the landscape plan, and the long-term return on your investment.


Florida's climate provides an ideal environment for plants native to other tropical areas of the world. These exotic plants invade hardwood hammocks, pine lands, and wetland ecosystems, destroying the plant and animal biodiversity that makes Florida unique.


We provide a wide variety of landscape management services to keep your property looking beautiful all year round. Throughout each project, our landscape supervisors inspect the property, guaranteeing the highest quality of work.


Formed in 1994, our nursery division was formed as a family business and has since developed into acres of sophisticated growing facilities, with field-grown trees, palms, container plants, and grasses.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Next Development

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Commercial Landscaping

The Arazoza Brother’s team are highly trained technicians, professional horticulturists, and savvy workers who handle every aspect of the landscape installation project from pre-construction to complete customer satisfaction.

Landscape Design makes a Great First Impression

When a company has only one opportunity to make a great first impression, it’s important to have a corporate campus landscape design that “WOWs” first time visitors. Specimen trees and gardens make an area of a property memorable.

Irrigation systems keep properties green and can promote efficient water usage. Professional landscape maintenance ensures your property is always ready to make a lasting impression.

When a company has a beautiful designed and expertly manicured corporate campus landscape design, employees know that the company cares about creating an environment they can enjoy. 

Landscaping can be used to encourage collaboration is outdoor spaces, promote employee health by providing areas to take a break or work outside, and offer a space where they can enjoy a conversation after a successful meeting. 

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Next Development

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Beautiful year round landscaping makes an important positive impression on visitors, tenants and employees. You can count on Arazoza Brothers Commercial Landscape maintenance crews to give your property the reputation of quality. Our team provides the expertise necessary to care for your turf, trees, shrubs, and plants – providing a natural environment that enhances the appeal of all of your properties. Our property management service team will provide you with professional services within a schedule that you can rely on – leaving you with precious time and resources to devote to the many other challenges of running your business. 
Reduce the cost of commercial landscape maintenance with a proactive plan to eliminate weeds and pests-increasing the over all appearance and health of your landscape. As a leading industry expert in lawn care and landscaping, out teams establish carefully calibrated, environmentally sensitive programs for the fertilization of tress and plants. you get a customized plan that is good for your reputation, your landscape, and all who enjoy it.

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Environmental Process

Native plant communities evolve with a complex relationship of natural controls that keep them in balance. These include environmental restraints, diseases, insects, herbivores and species competition. Invasive exotic plants lack these natural control mechanisms, thus allowing rapid expansion and destroying valuable natural lands.
We have dedicated crews to manage invasive plants, using proven methods of hand removal, girding, mowing, basal bark treatments, herbicide treatment, and follow-up. Through our work on private lakes, wetlands, uplands and preserves, our environmental division has proven its ability to lead the movement to bequeath a healthy and natural environment to future generations.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Next Development

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With 50% – 65% of municipal water being used for irrigation, there is a significant opportunity to reduce water usage costs through efficient landscape design and installation. Arazoza Brother’s water irrigation experts consider the combination of water-efficient plants, together with appropriate hard-scaping and sprinkler system installation and technologies to minimize the cost for your community.

Plant Selection

Irrigation Installation

Water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, including consideration for local conditions, is part of Arazoza Brother’s water management and irrigation services which directly impacts water usage. Selective use of turf and mulching can enhance landscapes while simultaneously providing additional benefits such as cooling and soil erosion.

The effective use of smart irrigation technology and system selection will significantly minimize water consumption, as well as reduce the irrigation system installation costs. In addition to conserving water, proper irrigation will encourage deeper root growth and healthier, more robust, weather tolerant landscapes. 

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