Our Process

For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of landscape installation. Our team prides itself on using quality plant material, executing expert craftsmanship, and having a true understanding of nature. We use meticulous care and precise attention to detail, while using many unique plants hand-picked from our own nurseries. The Arazoza Brothers team are highly trained technicians, professional horticulturists, and savvy workers who handle every aspect of the landscape installation project-from pre-construction to complete customer satisfaction.

Landscape Design makes a Great First Impression

When a company has only one opportunity to make a great first impression, it’s important to have a corporate campus landscape design that “WOWs” first time visitors. Specimen trees and gardens make an area of a property memorable.

Irrigation systems keep properties green and can promote efficient water usage. Professional landscape maintenance ensures your property is always ready to make a lasting impression.

Commercial Landscaping Attracts & Retains Employees

When a company has a beautifully designed and expertly manicured corporate campus landscape design, employees know that the company cares about creating an environment they can enjoy.

Landscaping can be used to encourage collaboration in outdoor spaces, promote employee health by providing areas to take a break or work outside, and offer a space where they can enjoy a conversation after a successful meeting.

Landscape Maintenance Mitigates Risk

Corporate campus landscape design and maintenance can play a key role in limiting risk on a property. Keep areas clear of dead trees and branches and walking paths free of debris. Keep pedestrians and drivers safe by clearing walkways and parking lots.

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